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Monday, September 14, 2009

Inward Celebrates 11th Anniversary With Launch of New Website

I am pleased to announce we are celebrating our 11th Anniversary. On reflection, a lot has changed in the 11 years. Here are just a few things we have observed:

  • We witnessed the meteoric growth and rapid decline of the dot com boom
  • An Increased interest in the learning organization
  • Expansion of employee advocacy and customer centricity
  • We saw the decline of mass advertising/sponsorship towards a shift to online brand presence
  • In-store shopping marketing has become a sophisticated tool with rigorous analytics and econometric measures
  • More recently, we have witnessed the Internet evolve from Web 1.0 to 2.0 with the explosion of social networking and building of online communities. This growth has established iconic brand names such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace
  • Marketing power has shifted to the consumer with strong community advocacy and online buyer power, blogging and endorsements
All these developments at first appeared as fads with a short lifespan. But that didn't happen. At Inward, we see all these marketing phenomena as sequential events that have generated incremental productivity, efficiency and effectiveness at managing marketing and brands. We believe that each innovation leads to the next and this created a plethora of abundant marketing methodology, processes and tactics that has made marketing and branding better for the future.

In celebration of our 11th year in business we are contributing to the evolving nature of marketing and internal employee advocacy with a totally redesigned Web 2.0 website. You can now join our community dedicated to being the single source for internal branding by logging on to .

You will see valuable information, numerous cases histories, tutorials, interactive discussions, as well as access to my blog, numerous videos and thought leadership from industry experts and so much more. It represents a totally new look for us and puts us on the cutting edge of internal marketing community building and thought leadership. We see it as our 11th year celebration and contribution to the marketing/branding of thought leadership.

Please send me your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve our site by joining our community and building an abundant mentality about internal branding and employee advocacy. Also, feel free to e-mail me directly with your thoughts and comments. I am eager to hear from you.

Lastly, thank you all for your continuing support as we enter our 11th year in business. We are nothing without your encouragement, business and friendship. While these past 11 years have certainly been both terrific and challenging, I wake up every day doing something that I am passionate about and enjoy very much. Thank you for that opportunity.

-Allan Steinmetz

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