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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Your Employees, Too, Are 'Flying in the Face of Ordinary'

You don't have to launch a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign to let your employees know that they're appreciated. Just employ the spirit of the new TV spot by Virgin Atlantic airlines in some way appropriate to your company.

In the two-minute commercial timed to coincide with the airline's expansion in its home U.K. market, titled "Flying in the Face of Ordinary," Virgin Atlantic pays homage to the skills, talents and dedication of its staff -- and, by implication, reminds fliers what a special place the airline is.

"They were born different," the ad says about Virgin Atlantic employees, "with very special gifts and extraordinary talents. Born to challenge the status quo, to evolve thinking, and change the lives of millions."

The ad depicts youngsters with these "extraordinary" characteristics growing into Virgin Atlantic employees who utilize their flying acumen, their technological wizardry and their sense of service to make flying better for passengers.

Or, as the ad puts it, "They are a welcome splash of red in a weary world of gray. "

Even if you can't run an expensive marketing campaign paying ode to your employees, there are other ways to start the new year by letting them know how much they count -- and how the success of your enterprise, and of them as individuals, are happily intertwined.

So, get on with it! How do your own employees "fly in the face of ordinary"? Tell them.

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