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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Now, That's What We'd Call Employee Branding!

Of course, we don't recommend this for every employer -- or probably any employer! But a New York City real estate company has come up with a unique way to engage its employees: pay them to tattoo its logo on their bodies.

We usually like to see organizations engage their employees in more cerebral ways. And while tats are pretty mainstream these days, you've got to imagine that some employees of Rapid Realty were taken aback when owner Anthony Lolli offered a 15-percent pay raise to any employee who was willing to don the Rapid logo -- permanently.

But according to the local CBS affiliate, about 40 employees so far have been tattooed with the Rapid Realty logo, a stylized graphic, with some including a silhouette of what apparently is the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are no requirements for size or placement of the tattoo.

Lolli said it wasn't his idea; an employee came to him and said he was going to don a logo tattoo as an expression of loyalty to the company. It caught on, and Lolli has been picking up the $300-apiece tab for the employees who want to participate.
And Lolli told the TV station that he's going to get around to being tattooed as well.

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