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Friday, July 12, 2013

Gamification: Inspiring and engaging employees in a fun and exciting way!

By Rick DeMarco, Managing Director, West Coast

A recent survey indicates that employee engagement is one of the top issues facing organizations today.  More and more organizations today recognize that an inspired and engaged workforce has a direct impact on the customer experience and on performance metrics.  And yet, the latest statistics demonstrate that only 30% of American workers are truly engaged with their organizations.  The impact is a staggering annual cost to the American economy of $370 billion in lost productivity!

Although the use of social media and interactive communication has been effective in driving higher levels of engagement, organizations are still faced with the challenge of educating, inspiring, changing behavior, and rewarding and recognizing employees in a manner that is exciting and inspirational.

Welcome to the world of gamification!  On July 17, at 5:30 PM, at the Santa Clara County Training and Conference Center in San Jose, CA, I will present at The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) a non-profit association for workplace learning and performance professionals, on the emerging trend of gamification, the application of gaming techniques to business imperatives.  Gamification is a highly effective way to educate, inspire, and engage the workforce in an exciting, fun, and interactive way.  In fact, the latest estimates indicate that by the year 2015, 40% of Global 1000 companies will use gamification and U.S. companies will spend over $1.6 billion on gamification.

I will discuss how gamification can be used as a powerful tool in a company’s engagement and alignment strategy and share some work that Inward Strategic Consulting is doing with major clients.  I will also share best practices and the common pitfalls in developing an effective gamification program.

Join me to learn how to educate, engage, inspire, and reward and recognize your employees in an exciting and interactive way to drive your business results and create exceptional customer experiences.  If you can’t make the presentation, I welcome questions and inquiries on employee engagement and gamification at or on LinkedIn

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