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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tell Me What They Want, What They Really, Really Want

What do your employees really want? This is a question any employer would like the answer to, after all happy employees are more engaged in their work and outcomes. But could that mystery be so easily solved? According to a recent article “What Your Employees Really Want” by Marc Barros, it can be simple. Keep the following three steps in mind the next time you find yourself wondering what will inspire your employees:

The first of these steps is purpose. What does your company believe in? Can you create a single purpose that is supported by just a few strong values? The answer should be yes. “Nobody wants a job. People want to be part of a company that is clear about what it stands for and where there is no confusion about what is right and what is wrong.” says Marc Barros, co-founder and former CEO of Contour, a hands free camera company. 

Do your employees have the freedom to make decisions? According to this three step process they definitely should. As long as your employees have a strong understanding of your companies purpose, making decisions that move your business forward will not be a problem. People want this freedom, and while it’s easy to underestimate their capabilities, you hired them for a reason. In other words, prepare them with that solid purpose and hand over some of the reins. 

Be empathetic. Employees want to know that you are going to take care of them. Be flexible with vacations, remember birthdays and anniversaries, let them work from home, provide health coverage and an engaging work environment. A lot of people think that salary is the most important aspect of any job, but that is simply not the case. “No matter how much you pay, when everything is broken they will quit.” says Barros. Building an amazing team means putting your people first. 

So that’s it. After pulling back the curtain it turns out that purpose, the freedom to make decisions, and empathy will make a huge difference in making your employees happy. 

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