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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Motivating Employees with Recognition and Rewards Programs

Are corporate gifts a part of your incentive program? Results from Incentive magazine's 2013 Corporate Gift IQ Survey prove that corporate gift giving has increased among many industries, leading a fair amount of people to believe that the economy in these industries is steadily improving. The surprise doesn’t end there. Surveys also show that the average total spend on corporate gifts has also increased. 

While corporate gift giving occurs for a number of reasons, the number of gifts given for employee recognition has also increased dramatically. Employee recognition gifts rose from 38.3 percent in 2012 to 51.5 percent this year.

Sure, one reason for this spike in gift giving could be that the economy is improving. Or maybe organizations are starting to realize that by rewarding gifts to outstanding employees they are in turn driving employee engagement. By rewarding employees for exceeding company standards, you are not only demonstrating your appreciation, you are also giving other employees incentive to work harder. They have a clear example of what exceeds company standards, and with that they can set goals for themselves.

Although corporate gift giving is only one way to further engage employees, it seems to be a tactic that more and more companies are turning towards. If you are interested in learning alternative ways to drive employee engagement, visit our website at

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