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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EMC Free Webinar - Social Media and Employee Engagement


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Friday, January 22nd @ 2:00 pm - 3:15pm EST

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Learn How to Use Social Networks to Build an Internal Brand:

EMC, one the world's leading IT products and services firm has successfully tackled the challenge of creating an employee platform using social media and leverage their internal brand and culture.

Hear first hand how EMC:

  • Transformed internal branding and employee engagement while reducing costs and improving effectiveness
  • Drove culture change and built a social/business collaboration among employees
  • Influenced of purchasing decisions in all markets
  • Provided early warning system for negative and positive opportunities
  • Provided market intelligence and barriers to entry from competitive threats
  • Demonstration of the EMC brand in action

In my opinion, EMC has created one of the BEST INTERNAL EMPLOYEE SOCIAL WEBSITES I have come across called Global/One. We are fortunate to hear from EMC's VP of Employee Brand & Strategy Engagement, Polly Pearson who will share her journey of development and companywide acceptance.

  • Their goal was to build relationships on a one-to one "personal reference" level amongst staff and the corporation with virtually zero-budget toward branding.
  • Over the last three years it has become the driving force behind a cultural shift in a collaborative environment that is spurring innovation, global collaboration and solutions that solve client's problems.
  • It has created social media "rock stars" within the company who are becoming recognized leaders for their blog writings as the go-to opinion leaders who people respect and follow for their thoughtful ideas and inspiration.

This exclusive presentation as our way of bringing the best and smartest practices to our friends and clients and to start the year off with a positive learning experience.

About the Speaker:

Polly Pearson is a communication and branding leader as well as a professional public speaker. She has applied these skills in several leadership roles relating to corporate image such as investor relations, public relations, corporate marketing, brand, advertising, human resources and as communication counsel to CEOs.

Today she leads the CEO's goal of transforming EMC into a Best Place to Work, and engaging EMC's global workforce with the company's Information Infrastructure strategy and opportunity. She's bringing forward new offerings for employees in the realm of Web 2.0 technologies, flex time, healthy living, mother's programs, career mobility and wealth creation. In addition, she founded and leads the EMC Employment Brand Office which markets EMC as a best employer globally, leveraging compelling messaging, social media and the voice of EMC people.

Please join us for the free exclusive webinar, where you are assured of learning new and exciting tactical ideas and have a question and answer period with an industry innovator.

Moderated By Allan Steinmetz
CEO, Inward Strategic Consulting


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