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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Is (Almost) In The Air!

Here in the northeast, is feels as though this winter is never going to end, especially with all of this arctic air.  Spring is on everybody’s mind as we count down the days to some warmer weather.  As they always say, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  With the hopes of warm air in the coming weeks of March, it is the perfect time to change up the vibe in the office.  Right now, people are hindered by the winter doldrums, early darkness, and stuffy office air.  Making some slight changes at the beginning of spring to your office can give your employees new found motivation and energy to power through the work weeks.  Here are some easy, simple tips to make your employees feel refreshed and motivated at the office as the seasons change. 

Lunchtime: As a leader, begin encouraging your employees to get away from their desks for a bit to go outside and enjoy the fresh air during their lunch breaks.  Make sure they don’t feel obliged to stay in the office and get work done.  When they feel as though they have your blessing to step out for lunch, they will be more likely to go out and enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

WFH: Allow your employees to work from home every once in a while.  This gives them the chance to air out their home and sit in the fresh air while still being productive.  According to Gallup, employees are more engaged when they have the opportunity to work from home.  Getting away from the office occasionally can be a really good thing for your employees!

Redecorate: As spring begins to move in, some redecorating of the office could be a nice change for employees.  Add some small touches of flowers and spring colors throughout the office to liven it up a bit!  You can even redecorate the kitchen by splurging on some fresh fruit for your employees to snack on during the day!

Field Trip: Depending on the size of your company, try a company outing.  Something outside would be great! Allow your employees to get out, enjoy the fresh air, and mingle!  This will increase the morale of your employees.  Although this is not feasible for all businesses, closing down a few hours early to take your employees out would be a nice added touch!

Natural Air and Light: Although this may not be conducive for all company buildings, go around and open the windows to air out the office when the air warms up.  This will clear out that stuffy office air and replace it with a clean and fresh environment.  Your employees will be ecstatic to smell the new air in the office and will fill them with positive energy!  Go around and open the blinds too.  As natural light is sometimes hard to come by in the winter, taking advantage of it in the office will be a great change.

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