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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Engage Your Office This Holiday Season with These Fun Ideas

Elf on the “Office” Shelf

Give the office something to look forward to each morning this holiday season by bringing the classic Elf on the Shelf tradition to the office. Whoever starts with the elf is charged with finding a creative way to display the elf on another employee’s desk, in a common area, etc. Each day a different employee is assigned to come up with a new way to display the elf. Snap a pic of each “scene” and vote on the winner before you head out for the holidays. A sure way to build camaraderie and create some memorable holiday moments in your office.

Elf Yourself presented by Office Max

A hilarious web app created by Jib Jab, allows you to create comical dancing elf videos starring you and your peers. They make great inter-office E-cards and if you want to get a real laugh, have them running at your company holiday party. 

Adopt a family in need

Forego your annual white elephant gift exchange and adopt a family in need through a local organization. Purchase presents for your adopted family and wrap them all together as a team before delivering the gifts. Your employees will likely be relieved at not having to buy or receive another fifteen dollar knickknack and happy to sign on to something more meaningful.

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