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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Inward’s Brand Ambassador 2013 Survey Findings

This year we thought it would be beneficial to conduct a survey on brand ambassador programs and their overall influence in today’s market. Here are some of our findings!

Involvement with Brand Ambassador Programs is on the Rise!
Organizational participation in Brand Ambassador Programs has returned to pre-recession levels and is steadily climbing.  Organizations are now more likely to fully-embrace Brand Ambassador Programs as shown by an increase of 12% since 2010. We also noticed a greater emphasis that organizations are placing on the Brand Ambassador versus the prior three years with an increase of 25%.

Brand Ambassador Programs’ Effectiveness Improves!
Presently, Brand Ambassador Programs are thought of as consistently more effective by over 7 in 10 of our research panel respondents (71%). Currently, 20% of those interviewed believe that the Brand Ambassador programs are very effective, rising from 10% in 2010.  Those stating that organizations’ Brand Ambassador Programs are somewhat effective jumped from 41% in 2010 to 51% in 2013. Good news!

Perceived Usefulness of Brand Ambassador Initiatives and Activities on the Rise!
In concert, Brand Ambassador Initiatives and activities are finding significantly greater acceptance in organizations versus three years ago. Of particular interest are Emails and Newsletters at 60% (up 31% since 2010), Intranet (branded) to explain Brand Standards at 51% (up 18% since 2010), and Employee Recognition and Reward Programs at 44% (up 24% since 2010). These significant and rapid gains reflect the recent phenomenon of Social Enterprise Networking - be it facilitated through mobile or Internet-directed channels. Make sure that your organization has a strategy in place to deal with this phenomenon!

If you are interested in accessing the full Brand Ambassador 2013 Survey, click here

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