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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Gamification should be on your agenda in 2014

Are you considering gamification as part of your employee communications strategy next year? Gamification is on the rise with our clients, and there is great reason for it.  We’ve outlined a few of the many compelling reasons why we believe 2014 is the year of gamification. 

Gamification breaks through the noise. There are a LOT of messages that come down through various organizations every day, and we all know that things get lost in the shuffle. Using gamification as an engagement strategy gets people's attention and creates an immediate connection.

Gamification facilitates faster learning and retention. Gamification has a 10 times higher retention rate than traditional computer based learning systems. 

Gamification builds high levels of engagement. Gamification turns the normal and boring every day work experience into something engaging and fun!

Gamification encourages a little healthy competition. 51% of American adults agree that if a layer of competition were added to everyday activities, they'd be more likely to keep a closer watch of their behavior in those areas. -JWT Intelligence 

Employees are empowered to actively gauge their performance. Everyone loves real time feedback- but lets be honest, feedback usually occurs in yearly reviews or during one-on-one meetings with your boss. Gamification allows employees to immediately know when they make a wrong move or guess a wrong answer- and they can instantly see their progress when they are doing well.

Gamification provides easy access to data and analytics. We have learned with our own projects the power of gamification when it comes to data collection and analysis. It's great because you can build a program to run analytics to see exactly what type of mechanics are working and which aren't, and how employees are performing.

If you’d like to learn more about how we are using gamification to inspire, motivate and engage with employees across different industries, click here to get in touch with us today.

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